Nemeos: Revolutionizing Web3 Assets Financing

In the fast evolving landscape of web3, Nemeos stands out as a pioneering DeFi protocol designed to enhance the accessibility and affordability of digital assets through innovative credit solutions.

The concept

In contrary to other complex DeFi protocols, Nemeos is developing a very simple but elementary use case: allow anyone to buy an expensive digital asset with credit, and let the user use his asset while repaying his loan.

The concept, differentiating from existing pawn-lending protocols or complex P2P leverage trading solutions is born from a simple observation: the web3 shopping experience is still very rudimentary.

To be more precise, let’s take an example. Imagine you would like to buy a CryptoPunk, you would need approx. 40 ETH which corresponds to 120k$ (at the time of the writing). As of today, either you already have the 40ETH/120k$ available on your wallet to buy it directly, or you could go on a P2P leverage trading solution such as Blend to try and find someone willing to lend you a part of the total price. But this later option is mainly made for traders willing to take more risks on their NFT trading activity.

In contrary, in web2, you would have many services allowing you to smooth the purchase of your CryptoPunk: you could get a personal loan from your bank (consumer loan, to pay back over several months), you could split the payment over several weeks (Buy Now Pay Later), or you could even “Try your Punk before you buy it” (meaning access it for several days to be sure you would like it, and then decide to buy it or not). Those services have been sculpted by 40 years of web2 ecommerce expertise. They are made to elevate customer shopping experience and are powerful levers to increase user acquisition, user engagement and drive up sales.

At Nemeos, we want web3 users to have the same experience, and that’s why we aim to implement those services for web3 assets while preserving the core value of web3 : decentralization. We thrive to make our financing services accessible to all, fully transparent and censorship-resistant.

Our Vision

We aim to transform the digital economy by making digital assets more accessible. This approach not only facilitates greater adoption of web3 assets but also enhances the user experience by offering flexible shopping environment, which is common in the web2 space but previously unavailable in web3.

Our vision is centered around creating a leading on-chain credit solution that is permissionless and censorship-resistant, ensuring that digital assets are freely accessible without the traditional barriers imposed by centralized financial systems. We want to contribute to Web3’s goal of establishing a more decentralized and open iteration of the internet.

Why should I use Nemeos?

Just to enjoy a modern digital asset buying experience!

Our first product, a decentralized Buy Now, Pay Later solution for NFTs lets you get your favorite digital assets today and spread the cost over time. No need to pay up all at once — keep control over your crypto portfolio. And it’s a game-changer for bringing new users into Web3, pumping up the NFT market by adding new buyers into the mix.

Our solution is also made for convenience. It makes collecting NFTs as easy as pie. Build an envy-inducing NFT portfolio gradually, without having to shuffle around your entire crypto portfolio or untangle your DeFi positions. Eyeing a high-ticket NFT? Seize it now, pay later, and stay chill. With Nemeos BNPL plan, you’re all set to capitalize on the market’s ups and downs on your own terms.

How it works

From a user perspective, the journey is really similar to what exists in web2.

When purchasing an NFT, you can choose either to pay in full or to opt for installment payments by clicking the designated button. In that later case, a payment schedule will be suggested to you with an initial upfront payment and in one click the purchase is done.

Technically, our protocol supports all collections listed on OpenSea. During the purchase, the upfront payment is merged with the amount financed by the pool to fully pay the NFT seller. Once the payment is settled, the acquired NFT remains held as collateral in the pool until the amount is fully repaid. During this period, the utilities of the NFT can be delegated as long as the payments are made on time. Once the payment is completed, you become the full owner of the NFT. In contrary, in case of default, the NFT is auctioned to repay the financing pool.

Protocol’s technical design decisions (peer-to-pool approach, LTV, tenor and interest rates) are described in the documentation here, and will be covered in future articles.

Products and Features

The Nemeos protocol has been built as an infrastructure to deploy multiple financing products, supporting all EVM chains and Layer 2 solutions. Like our BNPL product, we aim to provide a wide range of financial services, but always keeping the following characteristics (which are significantly different from other typical DeFi tools in the digital asset space) :

  • User-centric: easy to use (made for NFT lovers and not traders), with clear repayment schedule and fixed fees.
  • Accessible to all: transparent, open to anyone, self-collateralized (no need to put additional asset in guarantee).
  • Made for usage delegation: access and enjoy the bought asset while repaying the loan (in partnership with the collection).

Moreover, we’re committed to pursue development and expansion, with plans for further integration into various marketplaces and digital platforms, highlighting a forward-looking approach to growth and adaptation in the fast-paced web3 ecosystem.


Nemeos is not just a protocol; it’s a paradigm shift in how digital assets are financed and managed in the web3 world. By blending the experience of traditional finance with the innovation of web3, our ambition is to create the leading infrastructure for financial services for digital assets.

We aim to democratize access to web3 assets through the development of financial services accessible to everyone, anywhere, fully transparent and free from censorship. We want to contribute to a broader adoption and utilization of web3.

For those in the web3 space looking to explore a novel approach to asset financing, feel free to reach out or follow us.

For more details on the protocol and roadmap, you can visit the official documentation at