Flexible payment & credit solutions for digital assets.

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Four decades of web2 ecommerce expertise have sculpted tailored financial services to elevate customers' shopping experience. We want web3 users to have the same experience, and contribute to Web3 adoption.

At Nemeos, we develop payment flexibility and consumer finance services to make web3 assets more accessible.

Projects can offer their community the ability to access & use their digital assets (NFTs, Real World Assets) and let them decide when and how to pay.

⭐ Our first product!

Buy a NFT now,
Pay Later.

Experience the future of NFT collecting.

You see a market opportunity but the majority of your cryptos are on another chain or locked in DeFi?
You want to access high-end NFTs while keeping your budget under control?

Select the number of payment installments, pay a small upfront payment, and enjoy your asset right away. It's straightforward and flexible.

Increase your
Conversion rate.

Integrating Nemeos protocol in your dapp will help increase digital assets sales and grow your community.

You’re interested in integrating payment flexibilty solutions into your project?

Key differentiators

Because the payment step is always the most complex.

1. User-Centric Design

2. Accessible to all

3. Native usage delegation

Supports all EVM chains, L2s, app chains and subnets.

Coming soon.